Krav Maga, An Effective Self Defense

At Inside Defense – Krav Maga Springfield, MO you will learn everything you need to know in order to defend yourself from single and even multiple attackers.

We start with the fundamentals and drills that will set the foundation of your understanding and proficiency in this incredible method of self-defense known as Krav Maga. Training progresses and intensifies over time as you improve. In Krav Maga, there are ranks, but that’s not what we focus on. We care about you being able to protect your life and the lives of friends and family if and when the need arises.

Civilian Krav Maga

Krav Maga for Civilians is the foundation for adults learning Krav Maga for self defense. While Krav Maga was originally created for the military, the founder and creator adapted it for civilian use for real life situations. The civilian courses we provide at Inside Defense can and possibly will save your life. Whether you're young, old, fit, or out of shape, Krav Maga trains your natural reflexes to work to your benefit.

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We offer one free class to first time students looking to see if Krav Maga is a right fit for them.

Come give our beginner’s Krav Maga class a try this coming Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday at 7:00pm!

Group Seminars

Our Self Defense Private Group Seminars are specifically designed to instruct and guide groups focused on learning effective self defense techniques that work in real life situation. Who are we talking about? Church Groups Business Groups Hospital Staff Shift Workers & Teams Security Teams These classes will push you to bring out the ferocity necessary to save your life.

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We offer private group seminars for women, businesses looking to help keep their employees safe, and even the occasional church group.

Call us at (417) 343-3940 to schedule a time for your group to learn key defensive techniques that could save their lives!

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Krav Maga Springfield MO

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Inside Defense Krav Maga

We’re located off of South Campbell Ave at Primal Fitness.

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