Arms Free Bear Hug Defense

I’d like to start with a compilation of slams so that you can understand why in a non-sport sort of environment it is a bad idea to have someone grab ahold of you.

Obviously, the participants in this video are fighting and we do not suggest any of that is right. All I wish the video conveyed is how common a big hug, lift, and slam is. Quite honestly, we aren’t even going to get into the abduction side of bear hugs in this blog. That is a whole other article in itself.

Self Defense Against a Bear Hug: Why it Might Come to This

So, let’s start with a simple breakdown of the problem. Most people do not know how to punch. Additionally, most people do not want to get punched. So, in my opinion, if you combine the two facts that most people do not know how to punch, nor do they want to be punched you come to the explanation as to why most fights end up on the ground. After all, if I take you to the ground it is easier to slow your punches down. It is so insanely easy to find yourself in a bear hug, so we can’t judge. All you have to do is extend a little too far and miss a strike and boom, consider yourself grabbed. What happens is the person will wrap you up, and bring their core in close to yours and lift. You cannot really lift anything heavy if your core is separated from it. From there they can either take you somewhere or slam you into the Earth.

Self Defense Against Bear Hug


Step by Step Defense Method

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Drop your center of gravity as fast as possible simultaneously taking your hands to their hands and pushing down.
  2. Once you have successfully kept your feet on the ground use 3 elbows to their head for counter attacks.
  3. On the 3rd elbow use the momentum of that strike and try and spin yourself around to face them.
  4. Knee the groin and counter attack to vulnerable targets as they present themselves.
  5. Move, and scan.
Arms Free Bear Hug Defense

If I had to choose the simplest way to present the concept of this defense to you it would go like this, get heavy, keep your feet, and counter to the head and groin. Even if your counter attacks to the groin aren’t very hard but rather quick, it is still good. Why? Because when you get lifted you’ll notice the person has to, at some point, bring their hips close in order to lift with their legs. As soon as their hips start moving in and you throw a quick knee at their groin it makes it very difficult, not to mention painful, to try and get close. All in all, making their lift less strong.

Another thing to consider, especially for abduction type situations, is that you can go for eyes and small digits. Meaning, you can break their fingers too. I’ve always said there are two types of practitioners. The ones who know how to break someone’s neck, and the ones who will actually break someone’s neck if it comes to it. This applies heavily with eye gouges in my opinion. Everyone can say, “Gouge the eyes!” But you have to ask yourself, “Am I really the type of person who will gouge an eye and get the fluids on my fingers while they scream?” Nonetheless, it is still important to mention because you very well may be. And, if push comes to shove and someone lifts you to take you to an abandoned building and the only option you have is to pull their eyes out of their skull, I say, do it.

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