Being Taken From Behind

Being taken from behind is a scary thing. In fact, it seems to be the single most mentioned attack when students first come to me. “What do I do if they grab me from behind?” Like most solutions, we must first understand the problem.

When someone approaches from behind there are several predictable variables. For example, 1. The person most likely doesn’t want to be seen. 2. They know you cannot see behind you. 3. It slows down your reaction time, and action always beats reaction. And, of course, more. Next, the height at which someone grabs you tells us something. If they grab high, and around the shoulders, it is much different than if they squat down and grab around the torso or waist. The lower they go, you can make a solid bet that they are wanting to lift you. Being lifted takes the power out of most of your strikes, and runs the risk of being taken, or slammed. Even though we want to do everything we can to keep from being lifted, as I mentioned earlier, when they approach from behind reaction time decreases because scanning decreases. So often times we can be lifted before we can say, “Krav Maga.” That doesn’t mean a mistake was made. It simply means that attacking from behind is an advantage for a reason.

The steps are easy enough, and they look like this:

  1. Heel kick groin as many times as possible, until your feet land securely on the ground
  2. Throw a massive elbow (most likely with your dominant arm)
  3. Using the momentum from that elbow, spin enough to throw your next combination of attacks
Being Taken From Behind

I’ll go into a bit more detail for each. For step one, the trick is to not panic (training helps) and flail around with no real goal. When a person grabs around your torso or waist and lifts that puts your heels much closer to their groin. Raise your knees just a little because that helps your strikes make better contact as seen in the video. This usually takes you back to the ground. I have done this for a while now and I have yet to see a guy who did not throw his hips back to protect his groin and the girl drop. I didn’t say that the male who lifted you will be done fighting you, I am saying that this will get you back to the ground.

The next step cannot be something you wait around to do. Since you’ve gotten back to the ground you have only a moment before the person recovers and tries again. In this moment throw a big elbow, the biggest elbow you’ve got and use that momentum to spin. All you really need is a quarter turn. Any more than that just makes it easier for you to do what is next.

Go into your combination of attacks. This I would like to discuss with you in the class itself. But what I’ll say here is this: Strike hard, and make a lot of noise.

As always when it comes to women being attacked by men it is imperative that you leave the very moment you can. If you did the hard work to create enough space between you and the attacker then take it because it may not happen twice. Even if you created space and it didn’t look pretty, that is SUCCESS.

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