How to Defend Against a Knife Threat

How To Defend Against A Knife

There’s a few things to keep in mind when attempting to defend against a knife that include staying calm, staying aware of your surroundings, and keeping your distance. The range between you and the violent attacker with a knife is everything. It is the governing authority when it comes to decision making against a knife. Why? Because a knife is a ranged weapon. Meaning, unless you’re dealing with some sort of crazy knife throwing expert, a knife is only good for certain ranges. It is not very useful if the person is far away.

Medium range […]

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How to Defend Against a Gun Threat

Defense Against a Gun Threat: Step-by-Step

First thing, short of situational awareness, there is no defense against a gun attack. So if someone sticks a gun in your face and has not already pulled the trigger they want something. There are typically three things they may want.

  1. Your possessions.
  2. Your body.
  3. Your life. Or, any combination of those three.

I want to introduce the first concept: LOOK. It is perfectly reasonable to assume the person will say/scream or touch you to get your attention and intimidate you. It is also perfectly reasonable to turn and look in their direction. After all, if […]

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How to Throw a Hook Punch on the Street

What many people do not take into consideration about street confrontation is that there is no protective gear. No gloves of any kind protecting your fists. Being that your hand has small bones it is easily damaged. You can see this occur if you simply watch youtube videos for a minute. You will see at some point one of the participants looking down and checking their hand as an indication it was hurting from the blows they just threw. When you throw a punch you really want to connect with the index and middle finger knuckles. The ring and pinky […]

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Arms Free Bear Hug Defense

I’d like to start with a compilation of slams so that you can understand why in a non-sport sort of environment it is a bad idea to have someone grab ahold of you.

Obviously, the participants in this video are fighting and we do not suggest any of that is right. All I wish the video conveyed is how common a big hug, lift, and slam is. Quite honestly, we aren’t even going to get into the abduction side of bear hugs in this blog. That is a whole other article in itself.

Self Defense Against a Bear Hug: Why it Might […]

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Self Defense Against Hair Pulls

When a Guy Pulls a girls hair it is for control. Often times the thrashing of the woman’s head can be violent as she is jerked around by the male. Make no mistake about it, hair pulls are very violent. Grabbing a woman by the hair can be a tactic used for reasons such as: pinning their head to wall or floor, simply slamming their head into objects, pulling them down to perform disgusting acts.

If you are getting your head slammed into things you will want to do some sort of break fall found in our curriculum to prevent head […]

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Being Taken From Behind

Being taken from behind is a scary thing. In fact, it seems to be the single most mentioned attack when students first come to me. “What do I do if they grab me from behind?” Like most solutions, we must first understand the problem.

When someone approaches from behind there are several predictable variables. For example, 1. The person most likely doesn’t want to be seen. 2. They know you cannot see behind you. 3. It slows down your reaction time, and action always beats reaction. And, of course, more. Next, the height at which someone grabs you tells us something. […]

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Defend Against Being Choked From Behind in a Car

There are many people these days who drive people around for a living. Uber, taxi cabs, bus drivers etc. It is not uncommon for these individuals to experience intense situations due to the amount of time they spend around people. The particular scenario we are covering in this blog happened to a Las Vegas cab driver. You can watch the attack here.

There are several things to note here. I have no intention of discussing what could have been done to prevent this situation on this blog. What is done is done. And what happened is he got choked from behind, […]

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Krav Maga Purse Snatching Defense

Purse Snatching Defense Breakdown

The problem is nothing in a purse is worth dying for. Your cards can be canceled and replaced. Practically everything common you find in a purse/bag can be replaced for that matter. Unless there is a weird ego thing going on I would propose that trading your purse for a fight that could result in the use of weapons is a pretty good trade. In fact, I will go one step further and say we should one some level be thankful that the purse is ALL they wanted. Because let’s be honest, they could want things much […]

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Round House Kick

This is one of my favorite kicks. Anyone worth their weight in salt can get a lot done with a round house and a regular front kick. It is quite simple really: 1 you can open the front foot toward the opponent. There are several ways to do this. You can step diagonally forward and through your opponent. You can pivot creating more torque in the hips with the ball of the foot on the supporting leg. The supporting leg is the leg connected to the ground while the kicking leg is in the air. 2 The knee of the […]

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Inside Defense Against a Straight Punch

Defense Against a Straight Punch

Straight line attacks are very effective and fast. There is a video that I cannot seem to find and if you find it feel free to send it to me via email. In the video, a guy has a timer on the speed of straight punches on the street. The general conclusion I took from it was two things: 1. without your hands being up it is almost impossible to get your hands on theirs for a redirection. And the 2nd, the punches were all less than 0.5 seconds long, easily. I can’t remember the exact […]

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