Defend Against Being Choked From Behind in a Car

There are many people these days who drive people around for a living. Uber, taxi cabs, bus drivers etc. It is not uncommon for these individuals to experience intense situations due to the amount of time they spend around people. The particular scenario we are covering in this blog happened to a Las Vegas cab driver. You can watch the attack here.

Defend Against Being Choked From Behind in a Car

There are several things to note here. I have no intention of discussing what could have been done to prevent this situation on this blog. What is done is done. And what happened is he got choked from behind, the car seat and steering wheel create limited space and mobility, and he even had a seat belt on. We will talk about what to do with a seat belt when you come to class. It is so simple you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it. Even though it is a problem, It is a solvable problem.

Now, let’s look at the choke. The problem with an arm choke is that it is incredibly strong and once it is sunk, it can be difficult if not impossible to remove. Most of the proper choke defenses involve some element of prevention. This isn’t as complicated as it may seem. When someone reaches for your throat you tend to flinch, even when it comes from behind. When you flinch you want to tuck your chin to your collar bone turning away from their choking arm. This allows you to keep one side of your neck’s blood flowing. It also will keep them from sinking it under your chin. Once that is done you want to take your hands and pluck down at their hands. All you have to do is create enough space for air and blood to travel through. All things up to this point are the measures you take to slow or stop them from getting that choke locked in. If that doesn’t occur first, then the rest doesn’t matter because you only have a few moments before things go dark.

car choke self defense

This is where it gets tricky. You have to shimmy your way out of the choke as seen in the video. Turn your shoulder in toward the seat and slip out under their arm. This is not easy to do. But, after all, this is not an easy problem to solve either. Shimmy your way out and pin their choking arm to the seat. Then counter attack any way possible. You are not looking to win a fight in your car. You are only wanting to hit them hard enough you can pop the door open and slip out.

This defense needs to be something you go over in class with me. There are a lot of elements that help make the defense easier to perform. If the seat belt is a problem then once you have stopped them from locking in the choke you would make your move to unbuckle, then shimmy out. Come to class and get the rest of the details.

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