How to Throw a Hook Punch on the Street

What many people do not take into consideration about street confrontation is that there is no protective gear. No gloves of any kind protecting your fists. Being that your hand has small bones it is easily damaged. You can see this occur if you simply watch youtube videos for a minute. You will see at some point one of the participants looking down and checking their hand as an indication it was hurting from the blows they just threw. When you throw a punch you really want to connect with the index and middle finger knuckles. The ring and pinky finger knuckles are the ones that tend to break the easiest.

Hook Punch Pointers

Here are some pointers when throwing a hook punch. When the punch goes out there are two options for the hand that we have found to be effective. The technical option that is tested in Krav Maga is where the palm is facing YOU. This means that if you were holding your first in front of your face, your forearm was parallel to the ground, your pinky knuckle is on the bottom and index knuckle is on top. The reason for this is so that no knuckle is exposed out further than the other. The other option is like an open hand palm strike. Note: this is NOT a “slap” to the face. The technique is fundamentally the exact same as a hook punch with one alteration, the hand is open and striking with the palm. The next pointer is to make sure that the elbow of the punching arm is at least your shoulder height as it goes out. Doing this correctly allows your punch to travel over things that may be in the way, such as the opponent’s arms. The elbow joint does not open wide like a haymaker punch. The hook punch is a tight, compact strike.

Next, you need to know that the power does not come from the shoulder, it comes from the core. You want to pivot on the same side foot to generate as much torque in the body as possible. Lastly, a good thing to always practice is movement. You should never throw a punch and just stay in the same place. Instead, throw the punch and move to set up for more strikes, or get the heck out of dodge. Even if the hook punch is the ONLY strike you throw in the altercation it needs to be hard and you need to move. Nothing is guaranteed in the situations we train for. So if you are allowed one single strike, make it count and move.

How to Throw a Hook Punch


How to Throw a Hook Punch on the street
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