Knife Threat to the Face

In the IKMF when the female program was being developed some convicted rapists were asked, “How do you rape a girl?”

Why would they do this?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

If you want to understand evil, you ask the devil. One of the interesting responses was, “You put a knife to her face.” Some of the reasons are that it is a huge intimidation factor, and another is that in most cultures a woman’s “beauty” is held in high esteem. And women know this. So the logic is to hold a knife to her face and threaten to cut her in a place that everyone will see for the rest of her life, a constant reminder. This may not be the case for all women, but it has been confirmed with the large majority of women I have personally worked with. They have confirmed they would rather be cut or stabbed someplace that is out of sight and can be hidden. They more likely to comply with a blade held to the face. Who can blame them, right?

In this particular style of threat, the person is looking to intimidate and control. The blade can move around and does not stay static at all times. It is often said that a weapon is just an extension of your body. If this is the case, the attacker will use the blade to caress, cut off clothing, and touch sensitive areas. I know that it is hard to try and analyze these types of attacks. But it is a necessary evil to stop these people and not remain ignorant of their devices.

The first principle is to drive the knife AWAY. Away can be circumstantial. So, instead of getting caught up in “what direction do I go?” and “What if they move?” just note that if you can, move the knife in the direction it doesn’t cut you. For reference, see video. When you move the knife away you’ll drive it out, lock your elbows, and squeeze as hard as you can. You will then (keeping your elbows locked and grip tight) drive the arm away and knee their groin as hard as you can. As soon as you have an opening you run as fast as you can. Depending on the environment you can push their arm into a wall, or door, or whatever is near and pin it there just long enough to knee.


It is said that one in 4 women are sexually assaulted. And 1 out of 1 is sexually harassed at some point in their life. That is 100% of women. It is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when.” Because this is so common it can only mean one thing. It is NOT your fault. It happens to so many women that it can’t possibly be your fault. It is an extreme version of stepping in dog shit. It happens to everyone, and it sticks to you. So hold your head high and know this: you met an asshole. Period. It is not a reflection of you at all. Assholes exits and that is the facts like it or hate it.

As far as this defense is concerned the big picture is for the woman to move the knife away fast, lock the arms and create separation to flee. Nothing more, nothing less.

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