Krav Maga Purse Snatching Defense

Purse Snatching Defense Breakdown

The problem is nothing in a purse is worth dying for. Your cards can be canceled and replaced. Practically everything common you find in a purse/bag can be replaced for that matter. Unless there is a weird ego thing going on I would propose that trading your purse for a fight that could result in the use of weapons is a pretty good trade. In fact, I will go one step further and say we should one some level be thankful that the purse is ALL they wanted. Because let’s be honest, they could want things much worse.

Often times it is a blitz. Meaning, an ambush-like attack. Quick, without warning, and over before you know it. They can just rush up, grab the purse, give it a good tug, and it is off to the races.

How Purse Snatching Happens

Let’s mention how a purse is often worn. There is the cross strap style. This, although very comfortable, makes a good tether. If a person pulls the purse hard it can take you off your feet. They can even use it to drag you somewhere if they wanted. You can also wear the purse behind your body. This makes the purse easy to steal out of while you are standing still. There are plenty of videos of people doing this to women who are waiting in line for something. It puts your valuables behind your line of view and out of your peripherals. A much better option is to let the bag hang around more to the front where you can see if anyone is reaching for it. I also recommend staying to a single arm strap. Yes, it is less comfortable but if the purse is pulled REALLY hard is just comes right off and doesn’t run the risk of getting you pulled to the ground or worse.

The technique is simple enough. With the bag hanging on one shoulder and around to the front of your body if the purse is pulled you just raise your hand to your opposite shoulder catching the strap in the bend of your elbow. This is a better option because if things escalate to a point you want to disengage you just straighten your arm and let the purse go. Call it a plan B, if you will. You can bail this way whereas if it was cross strap you would be still connected. Once you have the purse caught in the bend of your elbow focus on making sure your feet are secure underneath you. Then counter attack to the groin and nose to create your separation. Do not chase the purse snatcher down!! Just create separation and run.

Purse Snatching


Purse Snatching in Progress


Purse Snatching Step 3


Purse Snatching Part 4


Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Purse Gets Snatched

Lastly, where do you carry your firearm? Where do you carry your mace? Is your gun in your purse? Is the mace in your purse, or on a keychain at the bottom of your bag? I am not a firearms instructor but I will say this: I am not a fan of off-the-body carrying of weapons. If your purse is taken, your weapon is taken too. Then, you are left with nothing but your bare hands or environmental weapons which may or may not exist.

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