Mounted Choke

Safety From Mounted Chokes – Especially for Women

A very interesting style of choke indeed. “Choking is largely a crime of passion, a crime that takes place between two people within a close relationship, a domestic relationship. According to the Journal of Emergency Medicine, 43% of women killed in domestic assaults had been choked by their partner’s in the year preceding their death. In other words, if someone experiences this type of domestic violence it is bound to escalate. Learn more at Experienced Criminal Lawyers.

Let’s take a look at a few technical nuances, and principles in the solution.

Principle over Technique

First let me start by saying I am a huge advocate of principle over technique. The majority of criminals in prison have little or ZERO martial art/combatives training. What does this mean? This means you don’t necessarily need skill to be good at violence. This is why angry meth users can be problematic. But if you focus aggressive action toward the principles of Krav Maga it has been my experience that you can make mistakes here and there but still survive the “situation.”

Mounted Choke


The Principle of the Mounted Choke

First principle, DEAL WITH THE CHOKE!! You need air and to make certain the wind pipe is not damaged. A very explosive “pluck” does the trick. Do not try to lift their hands up and fight power vs. power. Instead engage your back muscles (large muscles) to pull laterally. All you need is to create enough space for oxygen and blood to get to the brain. This may only be a millimeter of space, but if you can breathe it’s time to move to the next phase. After you have created enough room to breathe you need to control at least one side of their body. This has to happen otherwise they can use their limbs to brace and catch themselves from being rolled. Sometimes it takes a try or two. A solid understanding of center of gravity, and momentum helps greatly. One of the many reasons to practice. Next, heels come to your butt because without your feet firmly planted you will be unsuccessful in generating enough force to lift a larger person upward. Use one of your feet to trap their leg. Trap the same side leg and arm. For example if you are going to try and “buck” them to your right, you will need to trap their left leg and arm.

I cannot express this strongly enough. This “buck” is done explosively and with everything you’ve got! Once you have effectively gotten out from underneath the person it is time to do as much damage as possible. Strikes, bites, eye gouges, etc. Grab the groin if you have to. Whatever it takes! If the opponent is larger than you it is imperative that you do not “fight” strength vs. strength. Go for vulnerable targets. On the ground it is easy to be over powered by larger opponents. Vulnerable targets will be your force equalizer. It doesn’t take much power at all to gouge an eye or hurt the groin. Get to your feet as fast as possible. Do this because you are looking to create an opportunity to escape the situation. If you’ve done this TAKE YOUR OPPORTUNITY AND RUN! There is also the threat of multiple opponents. If there is more than one the LAST place you want to be is on the ground. Multiple opponents is a whole new topic all together that takes a special kind of tactical thinking to avoid. Get air, change position, do damage, and run.

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