Round House Kick

This is one of my favorite kicks. Anyone worth their weight in salt can get a lot done with a round house and a regular front kick. It is quite simple really: 1 you can open the front foot toward the opponent. There are several ways to do this. You can step diagonally forward and through your opponent. You can pivot creating more torque in the hips with the ball of the foot on the supporting leg. The supporting leg is the leg connected to the ground while the kicking leg is in the air. 2 The knee of the kicking leg comes up and around to the target. 3 Connect with the bottom third of your shin.

This kick is versatile. It can be thrown with great speed and quickness, or it can be thrown with extreme force and power. The target areas you should look to connect with are the side of the opponent’s knee, thigh, or lower rib cage. I have seen people in a street fight throw a kick to the other person’s head and their foot gets caught on their shoulder, thus causing them to trip and fall only to get stomped out. So I, for that reason, don’t do it under stressful situations where accidents and mistakes are highly probable. The choice is yours ultimately.
A second thing to mention about its versatility is that it can also be used with a wide variety of weapons in your hand. As shown in the video a drink, particularly hot coffee makes an awesome distraction up high as you kick low. This kick can also be throw from a variety of stances as well which is hugely important since you do not spend all your time in a fighting stance.

Step, rotate, kick, the secret sauce is the torque in the core and hips to drive that kicking leg around and into the target.Round House Kick

round house kick
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