Self Defense Against Hair Pulls

When a Guy Pulls a girls hair it is for control. Often times the thrashing of the woman’s head can be violent as she is jerked around by the male. Make no mistake about it, hair pulls are very violent. Grabbing a woman by the hair can be a tactic used for reasons such as: pinning their head to wall or floor, simply slamming their head into objects, pulling them down to perform disgusting acts.

Self Defense Against Hair Pulls

If you are getting your head slammed into things you will want to do some sort of break fall found in our curriculum to prevent head injury first. The next thing we recommend you do is to take whichever one of your arms is closest to their arm that has you by the hair and pins it to slow the thrashing down. This can be done in a lot of different ways. But, in our demonstration, she went to the inside of his arm. You can also go to the outside but it is slightly different.

The steps are simple enough:

  1. Pin their arm, either under your armpit or to your chest
  2. Stay balanced
  3. Counter attack, alternate from groin to face starting with the groin
  4. Run ASAP

Obviously, with practice, you can become efficient and quick with this move. But if there are two bits of reality I want to express they are this: 1. Your technique can and probably WILL travel. What I mean by this is, do not think that you will end up in the same place you were grabbed. Most likely there will be lots of movement. That is okay. There is a reason they put fights in a ring or octagon. Because if they didn’t that fight would move all over the place. Unless you are in an elevator or some sort of close quarters your defense will cover ground. 2. The defense can end at any point during the steps. That too is okay. They may let go after the first big knee to the groin. It may take several strikes before they change their tactic and let go. Either way, if you pin their arm well, you can go to town on their groin and nose.

As always, the moment you can separate and run, do it. As you counter attack it is also a good idea to shout the phrase, “Get the fuck away” over and over. There are other things you can shout but that is the simple phrase we recommend. Fortunately in our culture cursing is still taboo. It gets a lot of attention. Be very loud. Get every single head in the area to turn. Even if there doesn’t appear to be anyone near, shout anyway. You never know if someone is close. Even if you are in your own home you may get lucky and draw the attention of someone walking their dog nearby. So, shout anyway.

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