Self-Defense on the Ground: Choke Escape

The major threat with this attack is the choke or suffocation. The positioning of the attacker is also important. Some of the common positions are a mount, guard, and side. According to our understanding of the ‘timeline of the attack,’ we can conclude that unless someone climbs into your bed as you are sleeping and chokes you like this then many things have already occurred that resulted in us being on the ground. In other words, we messed up in preventing the situation. So, bypassing the discussion of prevention and jumping right into that point in the timeline we need to first deal with the problem of suffocation.

Self-Defense on the Ground

We need to ‘pluck,’ as Krav Maga practitioners call it. This means you need to hook their wrist and explosively pull outward. Simultaneously you press hand into their face, eyes, or throat. We do not know how close they will be. Will their arms be locked? Will they be down close and screaming in our face as they choke? We don’t know. So we are going to assume they are close because it is the hardest to deal with. Smashing into a soft target like the windpipe will raise them up just enough so we can get out knee between us and them.self-defense on the ground choke escape

Self-Defense on the Ground Choke Escape

Done right, your shin will be pressing into their chest. This will help create more separation. Now you can use your leg strength to keep pressure off the choke.

Once the pressure is off the choke and you are in a stronger position you start counter attacking. So the principles in order are: Get air, get a stronger position, hurt them. If you have a solid understanding of those three principles then a lot of things can waiver off plan and you’ll still be okay because of prevention aside, technique aside if you get air and get a stronger position and then hurt them your tactics are correct.

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