Stick-Fighting: The Burst Principle

In a perfect world we would not need to be concerned with violence and the problems the violent create. But, the world isn’t perfect and violence is a reality nonetheless. We can however, become students of violence and analyze situations systematically in order to find solutions to help protect ourselves.

What is Stick-Fighting?

There are many types of weapons people can use to commit violent acts against one another. For the sake of this discussion I want to cover a stick “like” weapon. Stick-Fighting can involve any long narrow object from an actual stick, to a pipe, crowbar, baseball bat, pool stick, bar stool, etc.

Stick Attacks to Look Out For

A weapon in this category can be used a multitude of ways. It can be swung in the directions of an “X” being two diagonal swipes. It can be swung in the direction of a plus sign, “+,” from top down or bottom up, and from left to right, or right to left. A person can use it to straight stab. A stick like weapon can also be held horizontally with both hands and used to push opponents back. It can be used one handed or two handed. It is a very effective weapon choice.

How to Deal with A Horizontal Swing

For the sake of this content we are going to look at a two handed horizontal swing. Don’t worry, a one handed horizontal swing requires almost exactly the same response. In this particular kind of swing the attacker is using both arms and a full body movement to create the most devastation possible. As a pendulum swings the largest amount of force will be found at the far end of the swing.

This analogy also applies to a baseball type swing. The most devastation will be found toward the end of the stick. Being that this is the case, in order to avoid massive blow the safest response would be to burst in toward the person who is swinging. In a perfect world we will collide with the front arm of their swing at the elbow.

Reacting and Turning Your Defense Into Offense

The closer you are to the object (person) causing the swing the less trauma you will experience at contact. Not to mention it REALLY hurts the person who is swinging if they are unsuspecting to this tactic. They move in at full force to swing and you crash in at full speed creating a “train wreck” of sorts. It is a difficult technique to practice in class as people can hurt their training partners if they aren’t careful. After all, done right your full body weight collides with the back of their elbow which can hyper extend it or worse.

As you see in the video, it is not uncommon that the impact will dislodge the bat from the opponent’s hands. If this happens GREAT, counter attack and find a hole to disengage from and run. If running isn’t an option perhaps because you are with small children or someone you cannot leave behind then disarm or continue to damage the person until they are no longer a threat. Then collect your loved ones and find safety.

Stick Fighting The Burst Principle

Counter-attack / Don’t Attempt to Disarm

It’s important to note that a disarm is NOT easy, and often times very impractical. Counter attacks are imperative if you wish to make a move for someone’s weapon as they will not be pleased with you trying to take the weapon. However if they have been “softened” up with good counter attacks you may have a window of opportunity to go for it. That is the nice way of saying if you hurt them good enough it’s possible.

However, and this is the most important part, you can do everything right but if you do not move inside the end of the stick you will have a major league problem. And vice versa, if you do everything wrong but, when you see the stick weapon raise, you crash in with everything you’ve got you will have at least avoided the first traumatic blow. The rest will be a scramble, but there is still a chance.

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