What Are People Saying About Us?

“I am the director of a local non-profit that assists women trapped in human trafficking situations. Our team contacted Chad to ask for his help in training team members personal safety because we go to some of the darkest areas of the city to reach girls and women caught in oppressive situations. Prior to our Krav Maga training, we went in hoping for the best, but always apprehensive, with the mindset of “I hope it goes well, but we don’t know what we will do if someone responds to us in a violent manner.” We’ve been taking Krav Maga training with Chad for 4-5 nights a week for almost two months and we are still looking at several more weeks training ahead of us. I don’t think any review I could write could do justice to the valuable skills and information that has been imparted to us thus far in the journey. We’re stronger, more capable, more confident. We fail frequently in class and we’re pushed to keep going and get it right. It’s not a magic, over-night fix, it’s a commitment that leads to life-saving skills and information. We work hard at it. We do this because, in class, we’re reminded of why we are here and why personal safety is so important. Chad is professional, personable, and I would refer anyone to him. I’ve brought both of my teen daughters to class and I can’t recommend Krav Maga enough. This company does not offer Krav fitness, it offers life-saving information. It teaches combative, protective, prepared measures that you never want to use, but will be grateful you have in your tool box if you ever need them. Before anyone takes a Krav Maga class, if you’re shopping around, I would recommend you ask for and compare qualifications of the instructors you are considering. There’s a real difference, but you won’t know unless you ask. As for Inside Defense Krav Maga – they do a lot for the community that is not usually mentioned to the public. The voluntary assistance provided to sustain those who are reaching the oppressed is impressive. You’re not only supporting a local, reputable business, you’re also investing in the community when you choose this as your premier inside defense option.”

– Casey Alvarez

“One of the first things I noticed about this class was the authenticity and lack of formula. Instead of teaching one technique at a time and practicing that over and over again, the teacher constantly takes every opportunity to point out and develop a whole new way of thinking in moving from a victim mentality to an aggressive defensive mentality. I am encouraged to not simply hope I never get mugged or attacked with my loved ones around, but instead to train to defend and overcome such attackers. I love feeling the helplessness I once felt towards certain circumstances fade. If someone were to come after me with a knife or a gun, I would have cowered and simply given up, but after taking these classes, I have learned self confidence and the techniques to protect myself and my family from such threats. It is also great that there is such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It is simply a group of regular people training hard to not only survive, but thrive in this crazy world. Worth every penny and worth every minute. Also I have made some great friends here. If this is something you might be curious about, you should come and try it. It isn’t easy, and after one class you won’t be Rambo, but after every class you walk out with more confidence and a technique you can use in these types of dangerous circumstances. A great investment. (Part 2) I continue to be impressed with how the class is so challenging and yet the people are so encouraging and friendly. I don’t feel like I am coming to class, but instead it is as if I am learning something wth a group of friends. It isn’t a chore, it is an enjoyable experience. And, though the lessons can be intimidating, my classmates help me to keep striving for success. I would recommend anyone who is even remotely interested in this to give it a try.”

 – Michael DiTrolio

“Chad, my first experience at Krav Maga was amazing and intense! Thanks for the opportunity to learn how to be prepared in any and every situation in which my life or my team’s lives are threatened. What you are doing is an invaluable resource and I will encourage others to take advantage of it! Thank you so much!”

– Andrea Freeman

“I feel blessed to be able to train with Chad. He is a professional with a love for his craft and it shows. I never feel like I’ve had a wasted day of training. I highly recommend Chad Beal and Krav Maga Springfield-Inside Defense!”

 – Jason Ayers

“I have been going to this class for a couple of months now. Chad explains things really well so that you understand what you’re doing. I enjoy the class- it’s almost addicting. The people are fun and easy to get along with. Come give it a try!!!!!!!”

 – Scott Wingo

“Great classes!! So much fun!! I would recommend to everyone.”

 – Brian Kushner

“If you’re looking for practical self defense, this is the place to go. You’ll get a good workout, and learn real-world skills. Just remember to bring groin protection!”

 – Laura Benedett

“Great class good environment you learn a lot from just one time.”

 – Katie Gann

“Great people, great attitude’s, great fitness training, great real life self defense.”

 – Daniel Chronister

“Been coming to here for awhile now. I would recommend Krav Maga Springfield to anyone that wants to learn how to defend there self and have a good workout with it. Instructor Chad this is great at what he does. In every class you learn something new. Don’t just read the reviews, come and try it out.”

 – Alex Pechenyuk

“Definitely the top choice for Krav Maga in Springfield. I spent several months learning from Chad as part of a self defense course he had created for a volunteer organization I work with. 5 nights a week we spent working on skills, technique, safety and prevention. Chad is incredibly knowledgeable, very dedicated to not only the methods and skills of Krav but also to the students understanding and comprehension of what he’s teaching. He is great at keeping it real and making sure it’s very lifelike and you feel confident that you could get out of any scenario that he trains you for. I’ve also taken one day seminars that focus on things like home invasion or rape prevention from Chad. Each time I come away learning something new. Feeling a little more empowered and a lot safer than before I had attended the seminar. I cannot recommend Chad and Inside Defense highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.”

 – Carrie Roberts

“I have only attended one class and it was a Women’s Only self defense class. I am currently a freshman attending college away from home and I took this during the summer before I left home. This class was a real confidence booster and it taught me some very practical and effective self defense moves. I was so nervous to attend, but my fears were quickly put to rest. Krav Maga Springfield was a very welcoming place and I felt immediately at ease. The class was a lot of fun, but definitely felt like I worked hard as well. I would definitely attend again when I come back home!”

 – Mackenzie Harrelson

“Our team worked with Krav Maga Springfield Inside Defense for several months throughout this year. We enjoyed Chad’s professionalism and expertise and came away learning much more than we ever imagined possible. This kind of training challenges you to learn a lot in a short amount of time and on-going self-defense classes are made available for those who want to continue to hone their skills. We would definitely recommend Inside Defense to anyone!”

 – Go61 Admin

“I have attended both regular classes and the Women;s Only self defense classes held by Krav Maga Springfield. I cannot say enough good things about the classes and the instructor, Chad Beal. If you are a woman who would like to learn to protect herself and build self confidence, then this is the place for you. You feel welcome and equal – you do not feel intimidated or inferior. This is a very safe and encouraging environment. I strongly encourage any woman to put her fears aside and try a class at Krav Maga Springfield.”

 – Laura Harrelson

“Character and integrity. Two words when searching for a self-defense course that usually don’t come to mind. After all you’re thinking your goal is getting prepared for bad people right? Getting in shape right? In my search of Krav Maga Springfield Missouri I consider myself very fortunate to have connected with Inside Defense. Walking in the door you are greeted not judged and quickly find that the group of individuals are solid. When they shake your hand they look you in the eye. One’s character isn’t know when they walk in the door or questioned if after one session it’s not for them. Krav Maga is hands on and the drills are intense. From personal experience character is strengthened when you land on your arse in your first zombie “game”, the hand that helps you up is explaining where that push kick came from and the only one laughing is me at myself. Character is strengthened as the knowledge and experience flows into your personal self protection (projection). Character is strengthened from knowing your training is there to protect not only yourself but your family, your friends and your civil duties. Getting ready for bad people is the integrity of Krav Maga. When in those drills and “games” you are the assailant. You grab, you choke, you twist, you push, pull, strike, kick, not with the blood lust of the psychopath or the full intensity of the serial rapist but it needs to bring home to the practitioner we do not live in a civilized world. Krav Maga is hands on up close and personal. In a short time I have learned so much with Chad at Krav Maga Springfield Missouri Inside Defense. When you go there and work not only do you leave with new skills but also stronger character and appreciation for the integrity of the instruction. In all it has become an amazing experience with an amazing group of people.”

 – Doug Logan

“I have worked with Chad for years and I can say there is not a better instructor in Springfield for teaching you how to defend yourself from a violent attack. Krav Maga is simple to learn and highly effective. Check out Krav Maga Springfield today!”

 – Uriah McHaffie

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