What You Need to Know About Rape

This lesson is what you need to know about rape, then mentality of the rapist, and how to defend yourself and escape quickly. Hey guys I wanted to talk in this video because the nature of the attack is a little more intense and I didn’t want any miscommunications. I wanted to describe what you’re actually going to see in a rape style attack. What you see online often times doesn’t quite paint the correct picture. This is definitely something you don’t want to do with new students. Actually my wife volunteered to help me. *Boom shows ring* She’s comfortable with this. She’s also going to be wearing normal clothes which most female clothing restricts movement a lot.

I’ve seen lots of good techniques online and I’ve seen lots of bad techniques online. I’ll show you the IKMF’s technique, the solution we have. But as long as the one you choose to put your faith in takes these things into consideration that’s fine. The details are going to be pretty raw, so if you have experienced a trauma and you feel you don’t need to see this, this is where you would scroll past the video right now. The women that I’ve worked with that have experienced trauma didn’t need to come to a gym and punch a bag. Everyone heals differently and that might be through training or that might be through professional help. If you need professional help, there are people that study this and have devoted their lives to helping those who have experienced rape. Don’t feel you have to keep it inside. You know what you need best.

We’re going to get started with the self-defense training now. Watch the video to learn what you need to know about rape and how to defend yourself from a rapist.

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