Wrist Grab Defense

First, we need to discuss the context involved in a wrist grab defense. Were you grabbed by a police officer? Were you grabbed by a stranger? Were you grabbed by an abusive husband? Were you grabbed by a drunk boss, or customer?

The reason this is so important is because the “correct” response is vastly different for each situation. How you respond to law enforcement grabbing your wrist is vastly different to how you react when grabbed by a stranger, and so on. The “correct” response, in this instance, will be the choice that works AND is legal.

wrist grab defense

Wrist Grab Defense

So to simplify it, wrist release responses should be placed into one of two categories: Hard solutions, and soft solutions.

Hard Solutions: This is the solution you use when violence is necessary. If someone grabs you by the wrist that implies one, or both, of their hands are occupied leaving their vulnerable targets exposed. If violence is required then the response is literally a matter of doing damage with your free limbs. Bite, kick, knee, stomp, punch, etc. In these situations it is imperative to realize the “correct” answer is the one that breaks you away. How this gets done is irrelevant, it just matters THAT it gets done.

wrist grab defense

Wrist Grab Hard Solution

Soft Solutions: This is for the situations where doing damage to someone is unwarranted, but the need to separate from this person is still present. An example of this would be a young lady who has her wrist grabbed by a drunk coworker or boss at a company event. Hitting them could cause you to lose your job or even have legal consequences. Knowing how to break away intelligently is a powerful tool. Or as some might say, “Knowledge weighs nothing.” You can carry it with you wherever you go. A couple tips concerning soft solutions are: resist the urge to immediately pull back. This is a common fear response. But if the person is larger and stronger this will simply not do you any good. And the final tip is to rely on quickness and technique, not strength.

wrist grab soft solution

Wrist Grab Soft Solutions

As always, remember to prevent the wrist grab before they even get a grip. Presence of mind makes this easy to do. However sometimes it happens quickly or while we are focused on something else, so don’t freak out.

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